"HEART & GRIT Power Yoga is a way to become more physically and emotionally strong.  Sometimes by working harder and sometimes by letting go. This studio is where I always feel accepted by everyone."

- Stella C

"Being a part of this community has been a blessing. When I step foot into the studio, I am greeted with so much warmth and happiness from the other members. I feel a sense of unity and security at Moonshine. I am honored to be apart of such a wonderful community who puts friendship first and leaves all judgments at the door.”

- Amber P

"After years of debating if I was good enough to complete yoga teacher training. I decided to  “BE A YES”, “You are Ready Now”, and go for it, I thought it would deepen my yoga practice and becoming a “yoga teacher” would be a bonus. Honestly, I couldn't imagine myself actually standing in front a group of people and lead a class. Now I hope to be able to share this practice with other people. My co-teachers in training, MPY teachers, and the community that I have met at Moonshine Power Yoga has made such a huge positive impact on my life. One huge take away that I would love to share is - there is always a new journey up ahead and you never know exactly where it's going to take you. So enjoy every moment of life and don’t ever give up on yourself. We are all “Good Enough!”

- Lisa T., Teacher Training Graduate

“I go to HEART & GRT Power Yoga because of the welcoming atmosphere. It is not just the physical studio but all of the people from all walks of life who come here. The studio cultivates a sense of community and acceptance no matter where you come from - young or old, experienced yogi or not. I have never tried Power Yoga before Moonshine and this place provides a space for me to nurture myself from the hustle and bustle of life and also challenges me to grow on and off the mat. “

-Sarena B

“Since I can remember, I have always had a fear of being seen. I hid behind food, sarcasm and ruminating worry. In 2017, my fear was compounded by a miscarriage. The grief and attempt at healing that followed held a mirror up to my self-defeating coping strategies.  At that time, I was faced with the task of staying stuck or moving forward. Stuck, I was quite familiar with. Stuck looked like it always had: anxious thoughts, isolation, emotional eating and crippling self-doubt. Stuck says the cause of your problems is other people. Stuck is the victim. Stuck leaves you pissed. Moving forward on the other hand, was not an old friend. I did not know what healing actually looked like. All I knew was that it had to be different than what life looked like before. I needed to be a braver and healthier person for the family I desired to have, and the life that we lost.  

Stumbling upon yoga was accidental and yet serendipitous. My body and mind had been drawn to the practice for years. However, it was not until I was at this emotional crossroad that I learned how impactful yoga would be for my healing.  It began with a commitment to a daily practice at home. If I could commit to one month of an at home practice, I promised myself I could test out my skills at a studio. I found the Heart and Grit community and I was hooked. 

When I began teacher training, a shift began to occur. I began to check in with myself instead of seeking external approval. I began to listen to and trust my body.  I began to question whether food was the answer to my emotional overwhelm, or would something else be better serving. I lost 25 pounds without forced restriction. I began to be more vulnerable in relationships; I asked for what I needed and set healthy boundaries. I learned how to say “no”. I confronted a challenge at work that I felt I was powerless to. I took my power back. I firmly believe I had the courage to make these changes because of yoga and yoga teacher training. 

The most important part of my healing journey is to say it’s just that, a journey; never at a full stop. I still have moments of overwhelming grief, and just ask my husband, sometimes the tortilla chips disappear from the cabinet. However, every moment, I get to make the choice of how to engage with life. At the end of every day, if I choose awareness and compassion, I am content. Yoga never felt like an “add on” or a “quick fix”, something that my old pal, “Stuck” would appreciate. Instead it has been a steady companion on my journey to self-acceptance and true connection. Yoga was the path that saved my life; a path home to myself. “

-Heather, Teacher Training Graduate

"I began to practice yoga at a time in my life when it felt like everything around me was unraveling and the ground beneath my feet was unsteady. My husband was given a diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma with only 9 months to live. I would go to yoga whenever I could find a moment to spare, which was not often being a full-time caregiver, parent of 2 with a full-time job. I only knew that the physical practice of yoga somehow enable me to find a brief second of mental clarity and peace. About a month after my husband passed away, I was laid off from my full-time job. Important roles in my life were suddenly taken away from me and this made me feel overwhelmingly sad and consumed with grief. Also, my depression and increasing anxiety made it hard for me to function. My husband's cancer journey was traumatic and I struggles with the journey we took together. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I knew on some level, I had to continue with the physical practice of yoga. Yoga was helping me heal and find the courage to continue to live and be a strong parent for my children. Life continued to provide me with additional challenges and I stopped my practice for a while.

I started to go to Moonshine Power Yoga because i loved hot yoga and I also knew that I desperately needed the peace and mental clarity that yoga provided. Although I grew to accept my grief and loss, my depression and anxiety were still out of control and the same themes in my life kept showing up. I enrolled in the Power 101: Discovering Your Power program by chance. I thought the class would be a good way for me to begin my practice again. I thought I was being reintroduced to the yoga poses. Power 101 was so much more than learning about the physical aspect of the practice. What I learned from Power 101 helped me to cope better on so many  levels. It gave me additional tools to help me with depression and anxiety. It made me self-reflect and realize how my thoughts impact how I see the world. Power 101 gave me coping strategies beyond just the physical practice of yoga.

I would recommend this program as it truly had a transformative effect if you are willing to be receptive to the lessons that are shared. Although I still struggle with my anxiety and depression on a daily basis and still have more healing to do, I feel what I have learned from the program has enabled me to deal with my thoughts and feelings in a more productive way."

- Power 101 Graduate