Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Teacher Training

HEART & GRIT Power Yoga is a Registered Yoga Alliance School and is committed to developing bold leaders within the community. We have several programs (all listed below) to select from to meet your current teaching and leadership needs. All programs are written and facilitated by Gina Ward who is a Tier 3 Certified Baptiste Influencer and a graduate of the FIT-to-Lead Faculty Program with the Baptiste Institute.

Training with Gina has changed my life, her leadership, advanced knowledge of yoga and ability to lift her students up to the best version of themselves is something I will always be thankful for. I felt supported by the entire team of teacher-leaders every step of the way.
— Jacqueline
I took my power back. Yoga & this program was the path that saved my life; a path home to myself.
— Heather
Teacher training brought awareness to the amount of energy I spent trying to control the circumstances of the world around me and instead shifted my energy into changing how I respond to those circumstances. I was able to give up the attitude of victim for a more empowered attitude full of choices.
— Amanda
I was able to give up what I am “supposed” to be like and that things have to look a certain way and I started doing things that I actually enjoy.
— Mary
It was the best money I have ever spent, even if I never teach a class in my life. This program provided me with the tools to create the life I want to live
— Tiffany
Teaching training helped me ditch the story that I wasn’t good enough and gave me the confidence to find a job that I love!
— Gina P


200hr Yoga Teacher & Leadership Training

Our 200hr personal development program is about transformation. The program will give you the knowledge and experience you need to teach yoga, to improve your speaking and communication skills and to access a breakthrough in your life. We will use Baptiste Power Yoga to cause awareness and disrupt the drift of everyday life. This is your opportunity to LEVEL UP.


300hr Elevate Your Leadership Teacher Training

This is an advanced leadership program that will teach you how to mentor and coach other teachers, lead workshops and teacher trainings and create a mastery of the Baptiste Yoga Methodology . The promise of this program is to elevate your teaching so that you can lead from a place of intention and inspiration and create every class as something new.


Made to Lead: 100hr Teacher Immersion

The promise of this program is to create a Mastery of Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology so that you can level up how you lead your classes and workshops. You will also explore a deeper study of anatomy, philosophy and personal inquiry using Baptiste Power Yoga.


6 week Teacher-Leader Mentoring

The promise of this program is to work with you one on one to develop your teaching skills further using Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology. This 6 week program will give you the tools to discover your personal power while standing in front of a class.

This program helped me see the connection between how I show up in a pose and how I show up in life. Now I stay and decide how I want to respond instead of retreating.
— Jennifer
What I got out of teacher training is a relationship with my family, a new job, and an awareness of my way of being with the tools to choose how I want to show up for myself and others.
— Stephanie