Private practice sessions

Choose from one of our pre-set packages or create your own!

Exploring the Pillars: The poses are what we are doing with the body, the Pillars create your yoga practice. Over 4 sessions you will learn how to put in drishti, ujjayi and foundation so that you can create tapas and vinyasa. Learn how to bring your practice together to create less struggle and more flow.

True North Alignment: Looking to decrease risk and injury? Want to create balance in your practice? Over 4 sessions you will learn to put the 4 elements into your practice: earth, water, fire, air - so that you can create space. You will learn total body integration through focusing on alignment to increase total body strength and empower your practice.

Plug -n- Play: Curious about what is possible in your practice? Unsure of what to do when the teacher says "express out"? In these 4 sessions the practice will be tailored to your body and practice so you can add and subtract when needed. Learn how to play and discover something new.

Single Private $80 / Package of 4 $275

Semi-Private $100 ($50/each) for single session 


Empowerment coaching

The Baptiste Power Yoga practice starts on the mat and then expands into your daily life off the mat.  Through individual coaching sessions, Gina will give you the tools to start living a more empowered and purposeful life.  Each session will be individually tailored to what is present in your life right NOW. We will explore self-inquiry and meditation practices around what is not working for you and start to re-create the life you want to live. If you are looking to step up your game and play big, empowerment coaching is a game changer.

Lets do this!

Email to schedule a 20 minute discovery call - gina@heartandgritpoweryoga.com

4 Week Series $495 / 6 Week Series $595



In-Class Personal Assist

Experience your Journey Into Power practice in a whole new way with a Personal Assistant. You will have a teacher present to give you personal assists throughout the entire practice.  This is an opportunity to land each individual queue in your body and take your expression to new level. 

$50/class OR $125 for package of 3 classes