Class Descriptions

Power 60/75. These 60 or 75 minutes classes are Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga™ classes utilizing the Journey Into Power sequence. We will challenge you to explore possibility through physcialness so that you are inspired on and off your mat.

Restore & Flow. This is an amazing class that leads you through the Journey Into Power sequence in 30 minutes or less utilizing one breath, one movement.  Once you have flowed through and got your sweat on, we will spend the next 30 minutes in deep hip openers and seated postures to get your restore on.  The perfect blend of power followed by surrender.

Gentle Power. This is the perfect class to give you the opportunity to slow down, go deeper, and hold your poses longer. You flow enough to sweat a little, but will also find restoration through deeper holds. This class is offered on Sunday nights and a perfect way to wind down the weekend.

Community Huddles. We will spend an hour together as a community, sharing our love for yoga and personal development. You will have an opportunity to learn more about Baptiste Yoga™ and the deeper meaning behind the principles and themes.  These huddles will be informal meetings where everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions, share and hold space for each other.