Brand camp retreat w/ erin anderson



• Understand who you are and why you want what you want

• Be able to clarify your message so that you are heard 

• Meet a cohort of like-minded people

• Create a clear vision and purpose statement

• Leave with a roadmap for how to make your vision stick

• Have clear action steps to bring your successful brand to life 

This isn't a retreat to check out, it’s an opportunity to check in. Your contribution to the cohort will be invaluable. Just think, you’ll have access to the most honest focus group ever. Test out your message in a safe space. Get immediate responses that will crystallize your message.



• Motivated people with ideas & visions to make an impact in the world 

• Creators, healers, coaches, teachers, makers

• Those who want inspiration and next steps

• Leaders who feel stuck and need a new idea to break through

• Those who want to refine and activate their purpose and mission

• Those who want a personal brand that aligns with their values



• Because it’s your turn

• Because clarity is magnetic, get clear and they will come

• Because you are not alone and you don't need to do it alone



Brand Coach, designer, facilitator, and writer. Erin has been working with entrepreneurs for 18 years, helping them get clear on their vision and bringing it to life. She is a seasoned graphic designer who values the clarity of a message over fancy artwork. She has a skill for helping you understand what's at the heart of your purpose and how to clearly communicate that to the world. Erin weaves personal development and self-leadership skills with branding expertise into her work with you.

People who have gone through Erin’s Live Big programs have gone on to open businesses, launch beautiful websites, get clear on their message and feel amazing about their unique brand and purpose. Lives have been changed because they have become unleashed in the world.


Friday Sept 13th

9:30am - 5:30pm:

Evening free time. We recommend taking a yoga class to cleanse and move your body.  Complimentary class at HEART & GRIT Power Yoga at 6:15pm.

Saturday Sept 14th

9:30am - 5:30pm 

Sunday Sept 15th

9:30am - 4:30pm

4:30 PM-  5:30PM: Celebrate! Exchange contacts, hugs, high fives, and say our goodbyes