This past weekend I truly experienced what is possible if you give up all the inconveniences in your life, put your attention on what you want to have happen and be for it, with passion and enthusiasm.  

I have had the privilege to lead the #UNSTOPPABLE training for the Baptiste Foundation these past few months.  This weekend I fulfilled on a major goal and led one in Camden.  It is very safe to say that I over plan everything, consider lots of possibilities around “what if” and have everything laid out for the timeline, in about 15 minutes increments.  One of my favorite things around facilitating programs is working with the content and timeline and making it all work.  I was ready for anything! And everything was what I got.

The team arrived and we had to wait 30 minutes to get into the facility to setup (and it was cold Saturday morning).  No worries, we still got setup in plenty of time. We started about 20 minutes late so we could accommodate all the odds and ends around the participants – cars were not starting, people were lost, etc. etc. – no worries, we made some rearrangements. The room temp got up to about 60 degrees at its max, I taught in 2 pairs of pants, socks, and 2 shirts and a jacket. We kept trucking.  At lunch, pipes burst and a portion of the space flooded. The host got into gear and spent hours cleaning up the water.  We did not get all of the materials – no worries, we sprang into action and had what we needed when we needed it.  

With all of that, I looked around at the end of the day and no one was complaining.  Everyone was smiling.  The team was in great spirits and I was having an amazing time. Program was delivered and breakthroughs were had. I left inspired and lit up and totally rejuvenated from being of service and spending time with some extraordinary souls throughout the day. 

The circumstances of our lives only impact us if we allow them to.  The circumstances around what we are doing only matter if we let them matter. If you put your drishti on the “thing” you are there for, be for it and do it, none of the circumstances matter.  They simply make you resilient and unstoppable!