The other day in class I was teaching and class was moving, I was ON, tapas and flow was happening and then something suddenly occurred that got in the way and stopped everything, literally.  I called Upward Facing Dog, called the breath and then asked them to stay and everyone moved instead! So, I repeated myself, stay, they still moved.  I was like what is happening. Why is no one listening.  It was after the 3rdtime that I repeated the word stay, waiting for the class to come back to what we were doing, in the pose I called, that someone in class (who happens to be a teacher) whispered “you called Downward Facing Dog, not Upward Facing Dog.” Lightbulb on!!!!

This is a perfect example of when we are sure that we are right, that everyone else is wrong (in this case 7 other people) and that we simply get in our own way of reality.  It was so funny, I laughed out loud, everyone else laughed and I used that exact moment to create a share on how this practice of Baptiste Yoga shows up everywhere in our lives. I was so sure the class was not listening (my reality) and what was actually happening was they were listening to every single thing I was saying (reality). I was the one not listening, to the own words coming out of my mouth. In those 30 seconds I was stuck in “me” and my perceptions and literally arguing with others in my head and thinking “what is wrong with them.”

The bigger picture and the point is, where in your life are you so sure of what is happening and in reality it isn’t even close, possibly even the opposite. Where do you get stuck in “I am right” and “they are wrong”? Where do you keep repeating yourself because you cannot see past your perceptions?  It was a perfect moment in time where me versus them showed up, listening was turned off and I got stuck.  In my stuckness, I created everyone else to be stuck.  So, where in your life are you stuck and what are you not listening to that is a contribution to what is actually happening.  Step out of what you think and see what is.