Opening a yoga studio looked perfect on paper. All the classes laid out in excel, expenses calculated, teachers lined up, contracts signed, a fancy business plan in place, it was everything I needed. I was ready. Now, a little over three years later I can share that about 85% of all of that never happened.  Or it happened and within weeks fell apart, much of before day one. All of the details that seemed so important and necessary before I told myself I could start, didn't mean anything at all (except a lot of work and worry).

What does matter, is the 15% that did occur. That 15% looks like my vision, my dream of community, changing lives and developing leaders. That part has been realized in a way that I could not plan for. You see, when you plan every detail, then you can only come up with what you already know.  What I have discovered is that there is so much more out there than what my simple mind can imagine and the universe has surprised be beyond belief. In all the mistakes, failures, disagreements and broken promises, bigger possibilities opened up.  Possibilities that would not have been present without failure. I have learned to give and receive love in a way that I did not know existed.  I have developed deeper relationships that I have ever known, something bigger and stronger than the traditional definition of family.  And I have seen others do the same.  People have come to the studio and people have left the studio, but regardless, relationships have been formed and continue. This is my vision. This is the WHY behind everything else. So when things do not go as you plan, set your sights on your path, get clear around your vision, buckle up and stay the path. Allow things to happen, especially the things you dont want to happen and then sit back allow the surprises to unfold. You might just be surprised around how much more awesome everything can be when you give up the need to control and plan it all. You might just discovery your best self! I know I did.