I have recently had a new outlook on my life, my practice, my teaching and just about everything else.  A looking from a place of observation and for search of a better word, from detachment. Then I cam across the word stewardship as I was prepping for yoga teacher training. I have heard this word so many times, spoke it and taught it.  But in this moment, it really hit me.  That is the new place from where I am living.  Moving away from ownership and towards stewardship.

Stewardship: "the careful and responsible management of something entrusted in one's care." THIS IS IT my friends! Recently I keep speaking to the idea of giving up "mine". My studio, my classes, my students and even my life.  I am discovering that in order to truly be up to something bigger than myself, "me" has to step aside. And if I step aside, give up ownership and attachment, it will not only give me access to peace and freedom but to also the POWER to be a steward in life.  A steward of the studio, the class, the practice, this LIFE that we all share.  To take on the responsibility to carefully manage something that has been entrusted in my care. The body I live in has been entrusted into my care.  The practice I lead has been entrusted into my care.  The people who come into the studio have been entrusted into my care.  

When I put aside my wants, my likes and my ownership, I get to put aside my reality and take a look at THE reality.  What is really happening. What has been entrusted in me to play a role in. This is the opportunity to be really up to something. To be fully awake and alive and to create from a place of wholeness.  This is what it is all about!