A week ago I finished leading the first weekend of my first training outside of Moonshine.  I was nervous and excited, unsure of what would happen. It was the first time in a while that I found myself with very little expectations or story around how it would go.  What I got was one of the biggest surprises of my life!

I left Georgia after 3 long and amazing days in tears.  I cried as if I had been in program or training myself. And I cried with joy and love in my heart.  I felt alive. I felt fulfilled. I felt complete! The time I spent in a new place doing what I love to do brought out an expression in me I did not know was possible.  I was completely open and transparent in a new way.  I was at complete ease with myself and everyone else. I was powerful. I was someone I did not recognize and sure wanted to see a lot more of. And I say this knowing that I thought I had felt all those things before, just not at this level.  I got curious and had to ask myself, "what did I give up unconsciously that allowed this part of me to come out?"

Attachment! It was so clear.  I had no attachment to anything or anyone going into this training. I did not have an expectation for any specific result nor any attachment to any outcome for anyone. Sure, I wanted everyone to get something out of the weekend, to fall in love with the practice and methods and to have a breakthrough, but I was not fixated on it.  It was my intention, but not my attachment. So what did I get? An experience for both myself and the participants that I did now know was possible. What occurred was outside of my realm of knowing and imagination. What I got was more than I could have expected.  

What I now know, is that when I attach myself to a specific result, I inevitably limit myself to that result or most often, something smaller.  When I give up attachment, get real and honest and do what I love, my results will exceed anything I could have imagined and go far beyond my limited expectation. What are you missing out on because you limit yourself to only what you can expect and attach to?