Because in reality we all are! If I could just start with today, all of the things I have made up in my head. My friend is mad at me because I have not seen her and she sent me what I thought was a weird email and so I sent her a weirder email back which led to another email of "are you mad at me." So lets pause, my first delusion was that the first email was odd.  So the story starts with once upon a time I had a great friend who now does not like me and is leaving me (which was totally not what the actual words were). So I will create a story around how it is trivial and not important and live in that for a while (making sure to go a lot of explanation and justification so it all looks good on the outside).  Then that does not work out and now the new story is that it is significant and I better just go ahead and start the fight if there is going to be one, why put it off, thus email number 3.  And then her response, "are you crazy," well yes I am.

Like really, if we voiced all the stories we make up in our head out loud, we would all be locked up for delusions of grandeur (because obviously my friend must be spending all of her time sitting around trying to figure out what and how to email me), hallucinations (lets get real, we see and hear shit that did not really happen) and then long boughts of anxiety and depression around our crazy stories (aka, shit that is not really happening).  How do we even survive like this, we are the luckiest species on earth.

So yes, I am crazy (which is awesome because we are all the same and can relate) and I make up crazy shift, but I think I will be ok as long as I know that I am doing it and when I do not know I have some awesome friends who will call me out on the crazy!

SIDENOTE: I have loved writing about food the past few days so just wanted to let you know that I am going to the movies and yes I will eat the popcorn.