We went shopping for groceries and Super Bowl Sunday on Friday, I thought, lets get cheese dip. We haven't had that in a while.  So here we are 72 hours and 3 jars of cheese dip later, in full on food hangover.  I feel full. I feel bloated. I feel heavy. I feel that there is no way I can squeeze into a pair of yoga pants to practice, yet a practice will help burn off all those calories. And still, there is one jar left on the counter (yes, we bought 4 jars!) and I am sure I will tear into it before the night is out.  

So, what is the point? That no matter what we know, what we may be feeling right now, we are often chasing something else in the future.  You see, when I eat an entire bag of chips and dip, or an entire pizza or full container of ice cream, the insulin kicks in.  When that happens, I sleep.  When I sleep, I do not have to be in the present moment. The numbing kicks in and is REAL. In my early 20s I repeated this behavior several times a week. I refused to go out at night in college because it was easier to put pjs on and eat.  End the day that I did not like in hopes that I could wake up to a brand new day and start over.  The thing is, when I wake up, I am right back where I started. The question now is, do I want to be back where I am that drove me to this or do I want to be somewhere else? Only I can make that decision.  I get to choose.