This morning I am sitting here, looking inside to see what is "here right now."  This is a question I have been asked many times in my yoga programs and I ask all the time when I lead - "what is here for you right now."  At this moment, contentment.  Most of my life I would not be satisfied with that answer because it is not active, it is not doing, it is not productive.  I am not even sure if I knew what it really felt like.  Right here, right now, it feels peaceful.  I feel no anxiety or depression.  I feel nothing around the past or future, they are not even occurring to me.  And with that, I feel no desire or motivation to do anything either.  And that is perfect.

Where do we not allow ourselves to do the thing we want so much?  I often here all the time people say they just want pease and contentment.  And though I also here "I cannot sit still", "I cannot be doing nothing," "I must be productive." What is driving that for you? My driver was always fear.  If I was not doing something then I was not good enough and I would miss out.  The so-called train would leave me and I would miss my opportunity.  What if we are missing all the opportunities because we refuse to be still and content.  What if we cannot actually see all the possibilities in our life because we are too busy making things happen, things that really do not matter so much? 

So I will be content.  I will savor it for as long as possible until it passes.  Then I will do my things, stay present and welcome the next moment of contentment.