I was recently asked "How are you failing at dealing with failure powerfully." Wow - hold on a second, what? This is a game changer for me.  While I fear failure and avoid it as much as possible, my brain knows that it is the only way to learn.  That I must make mistakes in order to make progress and grow. But this is a whole new level.  What if true failure only lies in the decisions we make when we fail?

When something does not go my way or does not turn out as I expected, I am not getting the results I want, then there has been a failure. Great, lessoned learned, lets move on.  But I have to notice how often I walk away or just avoid working it out all together.  It becomes a "that did not work," and I leave it.  I stay in the "lesson learned" state which is much different from dealing with it powerfully.

I am right now in the middle of making some difficult decisions around my personal teaching, my coaching business, my studio, travel opportunities and just about everything my life.  The lens from which I have been looking is "what do I need to walk away from, say a not to?"  I am now motivated to take those glasses off and look at where I can LEAN into the thing that is the biggest failure and deal with it powerfully.  Re-create it as something brand new that builds on what is failing versus walking away from it.  I can move away from the lesson (concept) and into real action that will create something beyond my wildest dreams (creation).  And I cannot wait to share it all with you!