Where your attention goes, energy flows.  I have said and heard this so many times but finally getting clear on it.  I had committed to myself that I would blog every day.  I knew that I had missed a day this weekend and was totally ok with it. Then I log on to write (and I am unsure of what to write) and I see that it was Thursday when I blogged last.  My reality was very different from what I thought.  My attention was not on doing this, so I did not do it.  

This is so real all the time.  Anytime something is not getting done in my life or not working, if I get clear on where my attention is, it explains everything.  If something is going all wrong, you better bet that my attention has only been on all the things going wrong.  If I totally forget about something all together, yes my attention has been on other things completely.  And getting present to your attention is the work.  Do you know what you are doing most of the time? Do you know what you are thinking about?