When I am not in the conversation, I make one up, and it is not pretty. And then I realize I am making it up and need it validated, then I rope others into the made up conversation (aka-gossip).  And it really is not a conversation, it is complaining. And lets get real, most often we do not need to be in the conversations, but we sure want to be! And there are three lessons in all of this.

1. Conversations are important, and the only way to start it is to reach out and make a request or ask a question.  What I have learned is that 99% of the time the real conversation being had has nothing to do with the one I make up. And at the end of the day, it was going to happen anyway, I just needed to be patient. 

2. I believe strongly in rigorous communication. I believe in accountability and integrity. And I am outspoken and say what is on my mind, I will not hide or cover up.  

3. If you put #1 and #2 together you can be mighty powerful and your conversations can create BIG things!