This morning I was reading 40 Days to Personal Revolution and something jumped out at me for the first time - “this sensitivity to words continued to shape us in ways we didn’t even realize.” While I have spent a lot of time in inquiry around words and teaching about the power of word, I never looked at it as a sensitivity level. We each have unique sensitivities to food, smells, sensations in particular parts of our bodies etc - the same goes with words. And it is so clear that this sensitivity level is something that we have the power to adjust.

I have learned to stay in yoga poses for very long periods of time. Yes, I feel the burning of the tapas, the nerve and muscle signals from my body parts telling my brain to adjust or move and I have chosen to stay in the experience rather than react to it. It has been a practice and a learning. A eye opening of sorts that nothing in fact will happen to me and that those bodily processes are normal. I am not sensitive to them and I see the truth of what is happening in the moment. What is possible if we looked at words the same way?

I know what it looks and sounds like when I hear something or someone says something to me and I choose to react. It is a downward spiral of hurtful feelings and internal story telling which often leads to physical exhaustion and a lot of wasted time. And I never get the result I am looking for. Just like if I constantly move away from the pose, I will never get the result I am looking for. What if we lean into others words, take away our personal sensitivity and stay in the experience. What if we create an atmosphere that allows us to get to the truth vs reacting to the superficial surface? I believe the results of our interactions would dramatically change and in that we could start to respond to one another versus reacting to one another. And the words themselves just might change as well.