I have felt stuck lately in several areas of my life, some simple, some not so simple. My schedule is not working. My travel plans are not working. My conversation with this person or that person is not working.  In each case I keep trying to start over or re-create it differently - and that is not working.  Then it got really clear to me, I cannot start a clean page if I keep using the old pages as my source.  I look at my current schedule, my current plans, my current conversation and work from there.  Trying to rearrange from what I already have.  I am basically rearranging the shit and just getting the same shit, yet again.

You can only create something new when you give up the same old shit! You cannot start from what you have. You must start from what you do not have, what you do not know.  

I sat down to re-create my schedule and as opposed to taking the current schedule and rearranging it (as my default) I pulled out a new page and started from scratch. I gave up what I know, what I have been doing and then created what I want.  What I want right now.