I have wanted to blog everyday since my last entry.  That was on June 13th and today is July 9th, obviously wanting gets me nowhere.  That is the thing about wanting, it is super easy.  I can do it all day, anywhere, anytime, in any form and never get tired from it.  I can want as often as I breath.  What I have discovered is that the only thing wanting leaves me in is more wanting.

I recently had to get clear on my self-talk; I was given some homework around where I am not listening.  While there could be sooooooo many blogs around all those places, a big one was not listening to myself. I am not talking about the whole listen to your heart or intuition, I have gotten pretty good at that, but the listening to the default internal background stuff.  Really hearing my own words when I say, I wish, I want, I hope and all that other BS.  I have spent countless days saying, I want to write, I want to meditate, exercise more, walk the dog, cook more meals, etc, etc ,etc.  Very little of that actually happened, what happened was more wanting and thinking, along with a lot of sitting and feeling bad about not getting what I wanted (aka, pity party).

So, this morning I turned wanting into doing.  I walked the dog, meditated, taught class and then did a self-practice and most importantly filmed my class for my 500hr cert (something big on my want list).  And that's right, here I am writing.  What have I learned today is that doing feels so much better than wanting. It has a different energy, a different vibration with the world around us. And doing can only happen if you give up a belief that is between you and the thing you want.  For me it was I am too tired, I do not know how, I have nothing to say or I do not have enough time, all of which are total bullshit. I know because I tell people that all the time when they say it :)

What do you want? What is in your way of doing? What do you need to do to close the gap? For me, it was getting clear.  I wrote down what I want and the limiting beliefs that were in my way.  As soon as I put that out in the universe, the doing started.