For so long I refused to actually use the word failure, I would not admit that it had happened to me.  I would say "it just did not work out", "I decided to try something different" or best of all, I would just blame someone else.  That job I left, yeah it was because everyone else was wrong and I was right. That relationship, same thing, I could have made it work but he was all wrong. It was not until yesterday in a coaching session that the light bulb went off that I have failed at many, many things in my life. All those times I thought I was just in casual relationships because I wanted to be, I was failing at developing relationships and connecting with people.  All the jobs I hoped around to, because I was failing at them. And as I am about start on another endeavor, I am grateful that I failed at all of those things!

I was speaking to my coach about wanting to be a stand for people who are struggling to connect, especially in their jobs at management. I want to work with people to develop community in the workplace, to improve communication and transform how it is all being done today. I want to shift the culture of the employer-employee relationship, mostly because I SUCKED at it! I sucked at being a manager.  I treated my employees badly and when I could not take it anymore I blamed everyone else and quit. And if it was not for this failure, I would not have found yoga and I would not be sitting here now working on my next new business on how to give people in my old position a new set of tools so that they do not fail the way I did.

Consider that growth and change never happens unless we fail at something. That in order to learn, we must fail.  It is crazy important and something we constantly try to avoid.  For me, now, I cannot wait for my next failure because I know something bigger will come out of it.

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