I love a good pint of ice cream or maybe a bag a chips.  These lovely desserts are often the follow-up to a few slices of pizza.  Yes, these are the binge foods of my choice, and yes I eat this stuff. I know some of you have other go to foods and maybe for some of you it is alcohol and not food? What I do know, is that I am aware of this binging when it happens.  It makes me feel full, guilty, overwhelmed. I want to hide and isolate.  I make promises to not do it again, and so on.

This is the conscious binging that we do and yet there is another binge that we are all on everyday without being aware of it. This other binge is what often leads to the food banaza.

Thinking, especially all the what ifs, self-judgements, worrying and analyzing of all the possible outcomes and/or should haves.  This is all junk food for the mind. We constantly stuff ourselves with scenarios that typically never happen and only produce anxiety, worry and depression.  We spend most of our present moment in the past considering the should haves and the rest of the time in the future considering the what ifs. We create these elaborate stories that we then spin out of control as if they are reality and actually happening.  We are on a constant binge of junk thinking that only leaves us feeling full, guilty, overwhelmed and often leads to isolation and hiding.

When we want to improve our diet, we often write down everything we eat so that we are aware of the binging. Take a day and right down everything you think.  How much time do you waste in the past and future.  How much junk do you feed your mind.  And then, how much junk do you feed others. Stop the binging, get present and aware and clean up your word diet.