I have just come out of a week in which I felt like I was being pulled in several directions and "coming up for air" was difficult.  We had out of town guests, team meetings, an open house and birthday bash and all in the middle of it I found out I had a death in the family. Oh yeah, I had people back at my actual home waiting patiently for me as well. What I learned over the past 8 days, in order to give you have to receive.

I am a giver, I always have been.  Give help, give advice, give time and money and often times it simply looked like doing it myself to make it "easier" for me. With this type of giving there often comes a tally or list of what I have done. This is because I often refused help or did not ask for it. I recently discovered it was because of the guilt I felt around "taking". This guilt and disconnection left my giving feeling resentful, and there was a lot around it. What I have found is that this is not giving at all.

When you ask for help and receive what others have to offer (and it is a lot), you can be your best self for who you need to give to. This past week, if it was not for my Moonshine team and husband, I would not have been able to give to my yoga community and later my extended family.  This week I fully felt the effect of unconditional giving and unconditional receiving.  I took everything, and I really mean everything that anyone offered me.  In exchange, I was free to give everything I had to offer.  And often times you are not giving back directly to those helping you and that is ok. We are all connected on this planet and sharing with each other is what keeps us in our own humanity. And sharing must come without conditions, without lists or tallies and without expectations. Give unconditionally and receive unconditionally, we are all worth it.