I was inspired this morning when a friend reminded me "my actions must align to my goals in order for me to have the kind of impact I want to have." There is so much being said in this statement, and what lands on me is that in order to even consider what your goals will be,  what kinds of action you want to take, you must first know what impact you want to have.  I feel that we spend so much of our lives setting goals, doing visions boards, writing out lists, and figuring out the next big success or achievement, that we have no idea what impact we are really having on ourselves and those around us.

Impact requires you to feel and to consider what others feel - it requires compassion and empathy.  Goals are object driven; focused on an achievement or acquisition of something. Not to long ago I realized all of my goals was around having more, being better and moving "up" simply because it was what I thought I should do.  They were what others were doing, what other people defined as success - so they must be right? As soon as I paused and considered "what impact do I want to have", the game changed.  Does my impact need to be make more money at all costs, buy a bigger and better house, car, wardrobe, or put another degree on the wall? In reality, the impact of that was stress, loneliness, frustration, anger and disappointment - even when it was achieved.

What you have to get to is does achieving your goals have the impact on you and those around you that you want? Does it leave you feeling good, at peace, connected and loved? If not, then who gives a shit about the money in the bank and the things you buy with it? Wake up and get to the impact of it all! The impact of your life, it is the only one you have.