We often put these limitations and restrictions on ourselves that no one else would consider putting on us.  We hold ourselves to these standards that are not achievable and create struggle and suffering in our attempts to meet them.  I recently got clear on where I was doing this to myself. Where I constantly set this bar and see myself as always needing to set a certain example, to be overly disciplined in how I go about things. What has this done for me? It has closed off possibilities and limited my play, freedom and ease. I have been selling myself short.  I have put in the time, I have done the work, I have a knowing around what I do and I do it well - I can now give myself permission to express freely, without the concern for what others think.

Where have you put in the work? Where have you spent time and effort working towards something, and see it as you still do not have it "right"? Where are you still comparing yourself to what you should be doing and loosing sight to what you have actually done.  Where are you selling yourself short, thus withholding all your greatness to those around you? Give yourself permission, wake up and start playing, the world is waiting on you!