Yesterday I ran into an old friend at the store, he used to take my spin classes back in my gym days.  It has been about 18 months since I was teaching spin and he was so excited to see me.  He immediately broke into a story, reminding me of a day I was teaching and I asked the class "why are you here?" I apparently would not take a simple answer from anyone, such as sweat, burn calories, etc.  When I got to him he said, "to teach my granddaughter how to play tennis." He then showed me pictures of his 7 month old granddaughter.  The granddaughter who was not even conceived when he made that declaration.

What I have learned from this practice is that your words are important.  They can have an impact on yourself and others. In that moment, I realized how impactful that simple question was for him.  He dug deep and came up with the why that would make a difference for him.  In what I thought was just another morning teaching at 5:30am, for him was a declaration of what he was for. And he put that out into the universe, and it was created.

You create your reality with your words.  How are your everyday thoughts and words impacting your feelings and behaviors? How are they impacting others? Be intentional in what you say. Be up to something bigger than yourself and speak with purpose.  You just never know who you will impact today.