We often spend a lot of time talking about doing what you love and making things happen.  That filling our space with things and keeping busy doing will give us joy and happiness. Our space is very important and everything we put in it is a choice. How do you spend your day? What are you doing? What are you surrounding yourself with? I used to spend a lot of time making sure my work made me happy.  That the things in my house were what I wanted. I got the car I wanted. Ate the food I wanted.  It was not until I found this practice that I realized I did not have my attention on the most important part of my space. The people I let in my space.

All of our stuff is great, but we cannot interact with it. The people we choose to let in our space has a direct impact on us.  Their way of being will effect our way of being.  Who are you allowing in your space? Do they vibe on the same wavelength as you do? I am getting very clear in that my time and space are precious to me and it is important to fill it with people who contribute to me and who I can then contribute to them.  That relationships bring me joy, not stuff.  That conversations are the best way to spend my time, not doing. That people bring meaning to my life, not accomplishments. The best part, once you surround yourself with "your people", the stuff, doing and accomplishments just fall into place.  Start with people and everything else will be easy.