Are you stuck in inaction because you are trying to figure out how it will turn out? Are you always asking questions to get more information? Basically, we are in the endless loop of needing to know. Wanting to feel safe and secure before we move forward. Wanting to know how it will turn out so that if it is going to be "bad" we protect ourselves and choose not to participate. Well what if you did know?

Imagine, what if you knew how each day was going to go.  What if you knew how the end of every situation and interaction would turn out. What if you could actually know the answer to all your questions? Then what? I find that nearly everything we do, we do until it no longer serves us.  We decide it no longer serves us when it stops feeling good, when pain starts to creep in and when we no longer feel joy around what we are doing. Would you choose to not be a parent if you knew your child would die before you? Would you choose to not get married if you knew it would end in 20 years, even though the first 18 were the most joyful you have every had. Would you not take the job if you knew you would get fired in 2 years, even though you gained invaluable experience, knowledge and friendships? Would you really pass life up to not get hurt?

So if we knew how it would all turn out, then chances are we would not do anything. Not knowing is the best gift we have.  Not knowing allows us to be present and to experience everything life has to offer.  Stop figuring it out and asking so many questions and go out there, live in curiosity and embrace every experience and opportunity.