We often label moments, situations or events in our life based solely on our personal perception and in reference to what we wanted and how we expected it to go.  Get the job you wanted with higher than expected pay, "it is awesome".  Get a speeding ticket on your way to work "it sucks". A relationship ends, you total your car in an accident or you loose your job "it is a disaster". If we shift our perception, drop our expectations we can see that every single moment is an opportunity.

This morning no one showed up for my 6am class.  Did I expect this, no! Did I want this to happen, no! What is possible now? I meditated for 30 minutes in my warm cozy studio and was inspired to write this blog for all of you (and myself).

Anytime something does not go as you wanted and expected, can you ask "what is now possible". Can you look past your attached outcome and simply see the outcome as what it is and create possibility? Generate an opportunity? Take an even bigger step and see that your bad outcome is an opportunity for someone else. (My students who did not come this morning, wherever they were was an opportunity for them and those they were with.)  The world is full of possibility and opportunities, more than we could ever take, and we must realize that we are all connected in this big universe and the opportunity simply may not be ours in any given moment.  That car accident, your disaster, the towing company, mechanic, autobody shop or car salesman's opportunity.  That new job you got, most likely someone else lost.

Slow down, pause in any given situation and simply ask yourself, what opportunity am I not seeing? What can I do now that would not be possible if "this" had not happened.  Stop limiting yourself to what you think should happen and be in flow with the universe.