Yesterday I made the choice to turn my computer and phone off at 3pm and disconnect.  I spent the rest of the day reading, coloring, meditating, cooking, talking with my husband, walking the dog and journaling. There were times where I just sat in my comfy chair and stared, sometimes I closed my eyes.  I disconnected so that I could connect with myself.  I often find myself so caught up in work, on the computer or phone, teaching, being in conversation and listening to others that I never stop and listen to myself. What I found was a lot of peace and the realization that I can do whatever I choose with my time, and there is a lot of it! As soon as electronics were taken off the table, the possibilities were endless. All those things on my list of personal hobbies and interests could actually be done. I could do what I wanted as opposed to what I thought I should be doing. Best part, I forgot about my phone and left the house this morning without it, my attention was not longer hooked on it.

What would you discover if you were alone with yourself 30 mins, 2 hours or an entire day? What have you been trying to tell yourself all this time and you never listened? Everything you are looking for is already inside of you, including all the answers you are seeking out.  Instead of ignoring your internal dialogue and critic, what if you actually listened, got really familiar and comfortable with her so that you can identify her when she rears her ugly head?  And simply say, no thanks, not today. Not sure what I mean by the inner critic - she is the one now, telling you as you read this, "I cannot do that" "I do not have time" "That will not work for me" or whatever else that is fueling your fear to not even consider this. Yep, that is the one - who are you going to listen to today?