We all want things, we want them badly. We plan, practice and work towards exactly what we want.  We play by the "rules", cross our ts and do all the i dotting. We do everything in our power to make it happen at all costs.  And then we do not get it!

I am coming to the realization that not getting what you want is a gift. While we are working towards what we want we have tunnel vision around it. It is all we can see and all we can think about. In the meantime, what are we missing? If our focus is centered on that one thing we want so badly, we miss the infinite number of other possibilities. We have blinders on living around a decision we made in the past about what we think needs to happen, missing what is in front of us in the present moment.

Now that you do not have what you want, what else is possible? What can you create from scratch that you never even considered. Was what you wanted actually limiting you? Was it keeping you cornered and tied down? Consider that now that you cannot "have" it you are free.