I find that there are two ways to spend my time, in action or in thought. Being in constant thinking is a waste of precious time.  Be clear in that thinking is not planning. There is action in planning, steps are being put together, you are writing them down and moving forward into action. Thinking looks like constant assessment, analyzing, forming opinions and often polling others for their opinions.  It is having the same conversation with yourself over and over. Often times this conversation looks like an argument with yourself.  You literally sit or wander aimlessly and self talk for hours. This self-talk often involves self-judgement, critique and beating yourself up. How often have you changed your own mood through thoughts with nothing actually happening in reality?

Are you tired of the bullshit? Are you tired of the confusing daze this puts you in? Get up and get into action. Stop thinking about things you could do, how to do them, all the things that could go wrong, all the other options that might appear. Stop forming so many opinions, especially opinions about yourself. Stop talking to yourself and do something. Is self talk really the way you want to spend your time? We often say how little time we have every day and literally waste moments in verbalizing the complaint of not having time. Pause and take notice, what are you doing right now? Is it producing something? Are you in action? Is it how you want to be spending your time? If not - make the change and make the choice.