We have two primary paths to choose from, one that serves you or the one that does not. One that is full of possibility and one that is full of fear. Many would call the later the "wrong path", I call it the fear path. While there are a few things that can push me down the fear path, there is one that will get me hooked every time - rejection.

It took a long time for me to arrive to this, I danced around it for a very long time. Recently, it has become very clear, fear of rejection is my primary trigger. I felt rejection from both of my parents and have since learned to generalize this fear to very simple, non-significant events.  I do not get the invite - rejection, my husband wants to play Xbox instead of something with me - rejection, a teacher does not complete a request - rejection.  Rejection is everywhere for me. Rejections signals my fear response as if my life were truly in danger.  It makes my chest tighten, by back hurt, I feel sick to my stomach and then the thoughts come. My old way of dealing with this was to either hide or create an aversion to something else.  If that did not work, I fought back.

Now I see it and embrace it.  I know what it looks like and what it feel like.  I must sit in rejection and fear, get close to it, and then get comfortable with it so that I can choose not to travel with it.  What takes you down the wrong path? What drives your fear? What is possible if you simple see it and say no thanks? What is possible if you choose the other path?