This morning I read a FB post around the difference between commitment and interest.  When you have interest in something you show up when it is convenient, when you are committed you accept no excuse and create results.  This has been coming up for me everywhere lately. 

Know that both are necessary in your life.  There will be things you are interested in that you cannot always be for AND get real in that you cannot commit to everything you want to do. The work is in being clear on this list and being in integrity with yourself around the list.  What are you committed to and are you showing up? Do you stay when you want to run because you are committed to the potential outcomes and results it will provide?  Get your pen and paper out right now and make your list, without guilt or judgement.

Now, are YOU on your commitment list? Or do you just have interest in yourself? Do you only show up for yourself when it is convenient? Are you a stand for yourself and what you want or are you indecisive, full of guilt and doubt and ultimately messable with? Consider that you really cannot be committed to anything if you are not committed to your own growth and self-worth. What would you need to give up to show up for yourself?