I recently completed an Instagram challenge in which I posted black and white photos for 7 days, with no words.  As I finished up day 7 yesterday, I felt sad, I wanted to keep going.  I felt like it was the first time I was putting up pictures that really represented me in the moment.  One picture a day with no words can say a a lot, I often thought what will I post today? And then the thinking stopped.  I snapped my picture and looked at it, nothing else.  I did not have to judge it, analyze it, defend it, basically write about it and explain it to anyone else.  I just posted it.  I discovered freedom.

It got me thinking about what else is possible if I just see life in pictures.  I look, I listen and nothing else.  Each moment is an opportunity of brief stillness to take in what is happening in the outside world and I can leave it there.  I do not need to look, listen and then analyze, judge, defend, explain and narrate it at all.  Just see it, let it come up and let it go.  What is possible is that I will discover freedom everywhere, not just on Instagram. And I will not miss out on any of the pictures, if I am constantly looking out here to the world, not going inside to narrate, then I will not miss anything and my life in pictures will be full of endless possibilities.