Our stories are tricky little things, they like to creep up on us when we least expect them. When we think we have them kicked. When we have convinced ourselves that we "have got them", they get us. My biggest story is that people leave me.  I have done enough work to know that it is a story, one I made up, one I created to justify and prepare myself for when it happens next.  A story that allows me to feel and sometime wallow in grief when I feel sad. A story that explains just how my life is and it is what happens to me.  It allows me to say "see, here we go again" so that I can move into my default reaction and keep the cycle going. But what I have discovered is that it is a choice.  Yes the story may creep back in, but I get to choose whether or not I listen to it.  It can be the loud voice that drowns everything out or it can be the background noise that I ignore and goes away with time. 

Reality - people do not leave me.  It is not about me, nothing is. It is extremely selfish and egocentric to take anything personally and to dare think that anyone does anything purely because of me. Things happen and stories appear simply so that we can explain them. Consider that we do not need an explanation! That is what I have learned. I do not need to know why? I do not need to ask for a justification or explanation. It is none of my business.  It is not personal.  The power in this is that I do not have to take anything personally. That I do not have to explain for justify anything. That I do not have to play a role in other people's stories.  I am the source and I have the choice. Within this power lies freedom and this will last much longer than any story I make up.