There was a time not so long ago that the concept of balanced action was well out of my reach. It looked like working 10-12 hour days several days in a row just to crash on the couch for an entire day to recover.  Practicing twice a day for a week just to skip practice three days because I was too tired. Staying on top of everything and everyone, focusing on all the details or throwing my hands up and saying none of it matters. Writing my blog on a regular schedule regardless of my motivation or inspiration or not writing for months.  It was an all in or all out mentality and space.

What this practice and work has taught me is that balanced action, the balance of ease and effort, is always available to me if I choose. That I can create easeful rigor in everything I do.  That working hard is not the same as being disciplined and committed.  I used to feel that if I was not all in and all out all the time, I was not committed. It is just the opposite.  Commitment looks like coming back over and over regardless of how it turns out. It is being disciplined to stay and move through what comes up with rigor and ease. Rigor allows me to stay on my path, to stand in my alignment and be for who and what I love.  Ease allows me to not take myself or anything else seriously or personally. Ease allows me to stay in flow when plans do not work out.  Most importantly, ease allows me to forgive, to support and to be of service for others.