"people suck, who needs them"...... that was my favorite one liner not too long ago.  I thrived on the idea of not needing anyone and being independent. At the end of the day, I was the one who sucked. It is funny how we spend a lot of time feeling alone AND creating that reality for ourselves.  I watch people literally move away from each other, whether it is at the line in Starbucks, in the yoga studio attempting to get more space between you and the next person or in conversation as things get difficult.  We recoil from each other, cross our arms, pull our heart in and slump.  And when it really gets tough, we get up and leave....run as if our life depended on it. And then we complain about not being understood, not being heard and feeling alone, well of course we feel like that, it is what we created.

If you do not want to feel like that then create something new. Be with people, see people, listen to people and fill the space between you. The idea of personal space if kind of funny, a concept that we created.  In reality it does not exist, we do not own space, we occupy it temporarily and try our hardest to manipulate it.  Notice if you back into the wall to get away from someone, you have not given yourself more space you have just changed what is in it.  The air is actually everywhere so there is not such thing as empty space.  When we sit we put our asses directly in contact with an object, but we have overwhelming fear of putting ourselves in direct contact with another human being.  A human being who sees what we see, feels what we feel; is just like us.  A human being that is the only source of what we are looking for - connection! Just be with people, consider the possibilities!