I am unapologetically enthusiastic, passionate, honest and impactful. Through this work I have discovered that you can play small, tiptoe around people and try to make everyone happy or you can go big and make an impact. Being impactful is scary. I am full of fear nearly every time I open my mouth and get honest, both honest with myself and others. But in that moment, I give up that fear because I choose to go big.  In that moment I must also choose not to take responsibility for how others see, feel, react and behave. Simply, that is not in my power to own.  I am only responsible for my own way of being and my own emotions and reactions.  I am responsible for my own intentions and I work every day to set my intention around one of service, joy, love and compassion.  As long as my drishti is set on that, I know I have done my work. And then I share it. 

Lets get clear in that we (me and you) are the only ones responsible for how we feel.  Responsible for how we react, how we "see" things. And that is fucking amazing because then we can only look to ourselves to make the change and shift our vision.  I do not want to rely on anyone else to do that, which means I also cannot blame anyone else for creating it. Is this a daily struggle for me - yes! Do I doubt myself all the time - yes! But at the end of the day, I do not dare give my power away to anyone and I own it and use it. Are you giving your power away?