We are a society that has developed the habit of tracking a lot of our behaviors.  We write down what we eat. We track our weight as we step on the scale each day. We write down our workouts; every little mile we run, weight we lift, and rep we do. We track how many times someone wrongs us. We even track the stuff we think about and want to do, really!!!! How many to do lists do you have right now? How many vision boards or lists of goals are you keeping track of?

What if we tracked what mattered? I mean the way we treat people! Write down how many times a day you speak harshly to or about someone. Write down how many times you have jealous thoughts or feelings about another person's success. How many times a day do you complain? How many times a day do you make another person's problem, conversation or actions about you?

Consider that if we started tracking how we treated other people, we would change those behaviors.  Our lists would start to fill up with how many times we help someone, show empathy and compassion, congratulate someone or simply tell them thank your or you love them. Maybe some of that other stuff we track would not seem so significant?