There are times in our lives, sometimes daily, in which the 2 year old in us throws a tantrum.  I have realized this happens when we simply do not get what we want.  I can see her now, stopping and screaming, “but I want it!” It is in that moment we get to decide what action we will take based on the reaction we are having inside our heads.  Will we throw our internal conversation, and shit talk, out into the world or will we pause and see it for what it is?  This occurred for me lately, and it took a lot of effort to pause, but I did.

This is the moment in which you check in with reality.  Reality is about what is actually happening versus what we think should happen, they most often to not align. When you get clear on what is really happening, piece by piece, you see what is and that it is not actually a big deal in and of itself.  You will go on. It is only a big deal because of the significance you are attaching to it. And, because you simply are not getting your way.  Not getting your way feels disappointing, heavy, frustrating and sometimes devastating.  Getting your way is nothing more than being committed to the expectation and outcome you assumed would happen. What happens if we do not hold on so tightly to those outcomes that are in the future, that we have no control over? What happens if we only plan for something, without any expectation at all that it will occur? What if we decided to just move forward, focus on the moment by moment action without any attachment to the outcome? In reality, nothing different happens (we have no control over that), but how we feel around the outcome will be a whole lot different. Simply let go of what should and be with what is and our whole life can change.