I have spent most of my life living in right vs wrong and concerned with blame and guilt. I have also spent a lot of time in the smoke screen of excuses, justifications, rules, resentments and working really hard to fix it or figure it out. No more! I have heard the wake up call and discovered that you can either experience life as you create it or you can think about it, plan it, and attempt to control it. You can create what you want or you can deal with what comes along. One is full of joy, love, and wonder and is limitless. The other full of frustration, judgments, assessments, resentments, suffering and limits you. 

Why live life in a reaction to the delusion of what you think should be happening? Why not put your drishti on what you want to have happen and truly be a YES and create it? EARTH TO YOGI!!!!! Stop thinking and join the party.  It is time to wake up! Your life is happening and you are missing it.