There is living in the past, which we can often distinguish and move out of and then there is living FROM the past. Where do you let your past dictate your present? Our past can be 20 years ago, 20 months ago, 20 days ago or even 20 seconds ago. Do you not do crow pose because you fell out of it yesterday or just 60 seconds ago? Do you not have a conversation with someone because of the way old conversations went, the "I already know what they will say"? Do you simply miss the entire present moment because you spend your time in your head, recounting how similar situations have gone before?

The past is an excuse to live in fear, to justify not being in action, to prove your self right and to punish yourself and others. Living from the past looks like walking into every situation and conversation already knowing how it will go. It looks like putting your expectations and judgements into something that has not even happened yet. Sure, it may make you feel good in the moment to live from that place of self-righteousness, but what are you missing? What life do you refuse to live because you simply will not allow it to happen? They say the past repeats itself, and that is true as long as you keep making it happen. You have the power to choose - NOW or THEN, where will you live from today?