I genuinely feel that in every action, interaction and reaction we have a choice to set our intentions to be either above or below the line. When we are above the line we are coming from a place of compassion, love, tolerance, acceptance; and from the below the line we are coming from fear, intolerance, judgement, and self-righteousness. Where are you coming from when you think, speak and do? What is your way of being?

Before we can stay above the line for others, we must first practice it with ourselves. What do you say to yourself? About yourself? Are you constantly assessing and analyzing your own actions and thoughts from a place of judgement and fear? Do you label yourself as bad and not good enough, and in the realm of self-righteousness make sure that you truly believe and feel it?

I often hear people say that they want to love, have empathy and practice compassion, but are you practicing it with and for yourself? Do you have self-love, self-compassion and tolerance and understanding? Consider that we often treat others the way we treat ourselves.  That love and understanding around your own actions and mistakes is the path to above the line action with the rest of the world. Which side of the line do you live on, and is it serving you and the loved ones in your life?