I returned home from Level 3 five days ago.  This program was the most exhausting and humbling of all my trainings and the most rewarding. We discovered our self-created, everyday box that we have chosen to live in. Crammed in my box with me was frustration, being left behind and forgotten, a broken home, a missed childhood, feelings of being alone, joylessness, control, and hard work. As I sat looking at that box, I was amazed at how I had lived my life in it and because of that lived my life from it! And, I chose to wallow in the box as opposed to coming out of it.

When you live from your box, everything you see, hear, do and say is clouded by what you have filled it with. You have limited the life you can live by filtering from the box and living from the past. This is YOUR box- you created it from your stories and you are the source of it, no one else. Being the source allows you to do the things that need to be done to delete (not step out of) the box and get the power. This is your life, take responsibility and create what you want, give up what you do not want.  If you do not want to be frustrated, then give it up. But you must do the work. Baron reminded me that we "have everything you need to have anything now, and you do not live that way. You live like you can only have what the people and circumstances in life make available."

Where are you choosing to live in your box based on other people and life circumstances versus taking what you have and creating what you want? Anything is possible - outside of the box.