One of the most powerful things this practice has taught me is that being for yourself is not the same as being selfish. I used to think that in order to help others I must put all of myself out there and give and give, what I got was frustration and exhaustion and often when I thought I was being generous I was in fact giving begrudgingly.  Now I know that in order to truly be for others, I must be for myself. I must get honest around my choices in life and whether or not they are serving me, only then can I be my best self and give to others selflessly. I practice daily for myself so that I can teach daily for others.  I meditate and choose to schedule "me time" so that when I give time to others they have my full attention.  I speak my truth without apology so that I can support others when they speak theirs. I create what serves me so that I can share it and serve others.  How you treat yourself often shows up in how you treat others! Are you being generous to yourself? Are you doing what serves you? Are you being for YOU?