I have recently made some amazing and difficult decisions. Amazing in the way that I am creating new paths for growth and truly moving from a place of authenticity and passion. Difficult in that they may upset some people and I know that not everyone will agree - and that is ok! It is ok because they are my decisions to own and they are based on my experiences and my truth, not others. It requires that I drop the concern for looking good and the concern to please everyone. Through the work of yoga, I have discovered my truth and found that loving and living it is the most powerful thing I can do. Allowing others to love and live their truth is the most compassionate and loving thing I can do. Speak your truth and let others speak theirs. Sometimes they will align together, other times they will not. What I can promise, is that when we shift our attention towards what we are up to and align with others up to the same, BIG things will happen and we can truly create something bigger than ourselves together.

What is your truth? Everything else is just noise.