(Originally posted on February 20, 2016.) The idea of Drishti has always been simple for me, something that came pretty easily in my yoga practice.  I simply found one thing to look at and I looked! What happens next has not always been so easy.

I recently took a class, moving as usual, strong ujayyi breath and with a set drishti.  It wasn’t until half way through class I realized that every time I set my drishti I had something negative to “say” about what I was looking at. I found a spot on the door and all I could think was “that damn door, it has caused so many problems and now I need to paint the wall again.”  When I set my drishti on the floor all I could think was “what a poor choice in material, I really learned my lesson!  It is going to be expensive when I have to replace it once it warps again when summer arrives,” which led to “it is not summer yet and the heat is still running, I wonder how much the gas bill will go up this month?”  All the while, I had a very set gaze, did not look around and appeared to be doing it RIGHT!!! At that moment, I had an attention shift.  I am not sure what snapped me out of it but I realized that I had never really looked at these things, but was simply looked past them and used them as a gateway into my own story.

The first thing people say when they walk in my studio is how beautiful the door and floors are.  I have never taken the time to see what they see, I was only seeing the problems.  That is the funny thing about drishti, you can find it, set it, but is it serving you???? Can you shift your drishti, your fixed perceptions?

51 weeks ago I opened the doors to Moonshine Power Yoga.  I have a long list of things that did not go as planned, door problems, floor issues, change of staff, loss of my co-leader (who I love dearly), etc, etc, etc.  But a simple SHIFT of my attention and drishti and HOLY SHIT – this year has been amazing.  I sat down last night and journaled about everything I want to have my attention on as opposed to what I presently have my attention on, and just like that, my story changed:

Transformed my life and changed my career
Allowed forgiveness that I had resisted for over 2 decades
Opened a successful yoga studio
Completed my second 200 hour teacher training and attended training with Baron Baptiste
Certibution in progress with Baron Baptiste
Developed and completed 3 Power 101 programs
Developed Moonshine’s first Teacher Training Program
Developed community project in Camden, Yoga on the Waterfront
Developed program to bring yoga into the classrooms, Tadasana for Teachers
Completed Moonshine’s first 40 Days Program
Taught over 500 classes and had over 800 people walk through the doors
Created a community
Became a Lululemon Ambassador
Re-created my relationship with my sister
Fell deeper in love with my husband
Fell in love with myself and committed to be a stand for others
No matter what the four walls look like, no matter how much the floor buckles or if the door falls off, in REALITY they have no effect on the long list above.  The love and community that has developed over the past year is what makes a difference. 

My drishti is CLEAR and my attention is set – look out 2016, I AM COMING FOR YOU!!!!!