(Originally posted on June 10, 2015.) A simple idea. A simple word. A simple pose - or so I thought.  “Finding Tadasana” is a phrase that I have been speaking to in my classes for the past week, but an idea I have been struggling with for a few months, it just took a while for me to figure it out.  

Tadasana – feet planted firmly, grounding down; tailbone towards the earth, ribs and belly in; shoulders drawn back and towards center line, opening the heart; crown of your head lifting towards the sky growing tall; eyes wide open, drishti gaze.  A powerful pose and the definition of my yoga practice.  You can find this post in every other posture as you move through class.  I easily find this pose on mat and as I move through my practice.  Off the mat is where the struggle begins.

It has been a furious year and the past 3 months have really brought on a new kind of busy.  With it has come a love and a passion for this yoga practice I did not know could exist.  The doors of the studio opened Feb 28th and I have been in love with my space from day one.  Much like any other love, it will give you overwhelming joy and excitement as well as frustration and pain. I have struggled as a teacher, a student, a boss, a friend and a community leader. I have struggled to find my footing, to ground down and stand tall.  I have struggling with tadasana.

Through self-inquiry and re-commitment I have defined tadasana for myself off the mat. A journal entry that I felt the need to share.

Feet planted firmly, grounding down – to keep me from swaying and falling through each decision I make, each question asked of me, each challenge I encounter. To be with what happens and let it be as it is without judgement.

Belly in, tailbone down, standing tall – standing committed to my plan, unmovable!

Shoulders drawn back, heart open wide – finding compassion, empathy and love as I move through this journey, encountering difficulties and struggles, and loving loudly with a big heart.

Eyes wide open, drishti gaze – keeping my eyes and focus on my vision, acknowledging the bumps and distractions but not letting them turn into stories that will take me out of my power.

Crown of the head lifting towards the sky – allowing my whole being to operate from a place of ease, joy and love.  Bringing it all together as a way of being. A malleable, organic process and not a finished product. Bringing it all together into the community I am developing!!!

I know that I will make mistakes, make decisions that are not popular and have to remind myself to find tadasana every day.  However, the possibilities are endless and I know that I will also love deeply, make amazing new friends, create a chosen family and do BIG powerful things.  I will stand in tadasana and I boldly invite you to come with me!!

Love - G